burnt-plants: okay so basically best vic account ever created by a person and I can't his nostrils . I'm just now realizing the sexuality of them. and the tooth oh Jesus don't even get me started on the tooth . THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS BLOG. (◕‿◕✿)

We love u so much thank you for caring and liking our blogs and giving us feedback because we love it all!!! :-)

666maddiehealy: your account is seriously perfect skxndn

thank you deary :-)

Anonymous: Vic's nostrils or Vic's little tooth?

is this a question of which one we like better? 

allyoukids: this is the most perfect blog i've ever seen in my entire life<3

aw haha, thank you!

hey nostril lovers! How’ve you been?

Anonymous: at first i found this blog and i was like what the fuck why would anyone have a blog dedicated to someone's nostrils and now i'm scrolling down it fangirling over them and i love every second of it

das okay we lub u

Anonymous: which nostril is pierced? The right or left? It's kind of confusing to decipher in photos.

So, since his nose piercing and his little tooth are both parties,

you gotta remember that you can’t have two parties going on on one side. you feel me?

So, I remember that one party ( his little tooth ) is on the left side of his face, while the other party ( his nose piercing ) is on the right side of his face.

both parties balance out to become one, beautiful man.

fantometriste: Do you think mike has the same nostrils?

possibly maybe it runs in the family ;D

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